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Hi. My name is John Baladakis. I love being a franchisee and I am an evangelist for entrepreneurism.


John A Baladakis is an entrepreneur and franchisee and was named as Chairman of the Franchise Association of South Africa in March 2015 – the first franchisee to serve in this position in South Africa.

John has authored an informative, easy to read business book for potential entrepreneurs who are considering franchising as a way forward. He uses his experience as a franchisee for over 20
years to outline all you need to know if you are considering a franchised business opportunity.

John serves as CEO of the AJP Group and is passionate about sharing his experiences and promoting entrepreneurism in South Africa. He has been approached for comment numerous times by South African media and has made a number of presentations. John regularly shares his insights on management, franchising and entrepreneurism..

Why write a book?

I had a realisation that while certain things came to me instinctively, others found it very difficult to navigate their decision making process. This was my inspiration for writing the book and it is my hope that it will help potential franchisees to clarify and simplify their decisions.